Oregon Air

Oregon Air is a group of local residents who are impacted by the odors emanating from the composting operation at Grimm's Fuel in Tualatin, Oregon.

We want to breathe clean air.

What's that smell? The odors from Grimm's compost have reached Sherwood, Tualatin, King City, Tigard, Wilsonville, Beaverton, and Portland, degrading our air quality, health, property values, and the livability of our neighborhoods. Dust from the facility impacts nearby residents and businesses. Grimm's facility has a long history of fires. We demand complete mitigation of dust and odor.

What’s the solution?

The cure is aerated indoor composting where air blowers move oxygen-rich air through the compost material, eliminating the anaerobic conditions that cause the most offensive odors. All of the indoor air is then routed through an external biofilter which can eliminate the dust and reduce the remaining odors by 95% to 98%. Forced aeration is the best way to compost, and doing it inside a building is the best way to mitigate the dust and odor.

How can you help?